Writing is an integral part of our lives.

We write everyday.

Notes, lists, journals, letters (we should hand write more letters, don’t you think)?

In the age of technology, we forget how important it is to have nice writing instruments. We text, email, FB message and type an unbelievable amount of words each day. But when we need it, there’s nothing worse than grabbing a pen that doesn’t work, am I right?

People KEEP good pens.

We actually kind of cherish pens because psychologically, we like to use our hands to communicate, to write, to express.

Having your logo on a pen is a great way of keeping your business in the minds of your clients and prospects.

I was once at a meeting where someone from a bank was giving away pens, and they announced that they had given over a million of their logo pens away in Columbus, Ohio alone. A million!

We have some great new pens available this year, from gliding ink, to blue ink (great for legal documents) and pens with the option to print a logo in 2 colors.

Contact me to find the best pens for your company!

I look forward to hearing from you,

Debbie Smith, Owner