This year I have so much to be thankful for.

Like most of you, I’ve had a very busy year. There is always so much to do for work and family and sometimes it can be overwhelming. But, as I reflect this month there is so much to be grateful for! I thought I would share a few with you…

1)    My Alaskan cruise this year, it was beautiful.

2)    Having great clients that were very understanding and definitely worked with me so I was able to take off 10 days.  I never thought it would be possible to leave my business for an extended period of time. I am so grateful.

3)    Having good health for me and my family.

4)    Having wonderful friendships.

So often we get caught up in working, shopping and getting things done that we forget to take stock of how much we have to be thankful for in our lives that has nothing to do with money and work.

We have to work to “bring in the bacon”, but who and what is the bacon for?

It’s to live a life we love and be with the people we love! When we think of it this way, working is not such a bad deal. It supports the things that matter most and as long as we love (or at least like) what we do – we are the lucky ones.

I do love my company, my job. Mostly because I get to hang out with people like YOU! The rest of the time, I get to spend it with people I love.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

And speaking of work… I do want to remind you that you may need tax forms for next year! I can certainly help you with that.  It would be my pleasure.

Contact me and we’ll get you started.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Debbie Smith