No one could have predicted just how stressful 2020 would be.

I am happy we have Thanksgiving right now, to stop and reflect on what to be thankful for.

#1 on my list is family.

I consider myself to be extremely blessed with wonderful friends and a supportive family. This year has made it even more apparent just how important family is.

#2: Healthcare workers. Where would we be without them? The stress on nurses, doctors, hospital staff, doctors’ offices, urgent care facilities, and others has been immense. Thanks to these professionals, I had several family members and friends experience successful surgeries this year!

#3: Netflix and other streaming channels. OK, so I like to indulge like the rest of you. Who hasn’t sat down and watched an entire season of one of the great shows available?

#4: My health. I am thankful for my health, especially this year! I know how important the immune system is to fight off COVID so, having my health means even more to me now. 

#5: The internet. Where would we be without it today? Millions of people are able to work at home. We can have live video chats with family and friends we haven’t seen since spring. We have unlimited access to news, music, movies, and social media. (I’m talking about the positive aspects of being online.)

#6: Toilet paper. Just kidding, sort of! I’m thankful to live in a society where we take simple things like toilet paper for granted.

#7: My “bubble”. Most of us have a bubble of people we now hang out with. I’m grateful to have a family and some close friends I can be with.

#8: Our country. It’s been a difficult year in the United States, but we have so much to be grateful for. There are millions of parks. We have beaches, mountains, deserts, forests, canyons, rivers, lakes, and so much more. What an incredible country it is to live in.

#9 Hugging. When can we hug people again? We’ve all given virtual hugs. How grateful are you for the people in your life you can hug? Give hugs to the people you can – it’s actually really good for your immune system!

The bottom line is, no matter who you are, or what your circumstance is, there are many things to be grateful for.

And I appreciate you my amazing clients and colleagues who make working during this time much easier.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Debbie Smith