Getting people to stop by your tradeshow booth is harder than you might think.

How do tradeshow pros do it?

Here are 7 secrets to tradeshow success.

1. Begin months before the tradeshow opens.

Tradeshow pros being a month (or even two) before the tradeshow opens. They are busy researching, communicating and searching for past clients. They are contacting as many people as possible weeks before the tradeshow is open using social media, email and even snail mail to let their people know where to find them at the show!

2. Know when to talk and when to listen!

Tradeshow booth staffers need to know that they are NOT to act like used car salesmen. To get anyone to pay attention to what you have to offer, you must pay attention first, to everyone you engage with. Ask them questions, let them talk. Take time to make the person feel like they can trust you. Very few people are going to buy on the spot, but if you make them feel important, they’ll be back.

3. Give away great FREE stuff. People LOVE free stuff!

Seriously, you know that a great percentage of people who go to tradeshows are there simply because they will get a ton of free stuff. If you aren’t advertising something for free, you are not going to attract anyone to your booth. Period.

Inexpensive giveaways such as pencils (with your company on it) are a novelty. Why? They’re nostalgic. People will stop and think of simpler times.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 8.43.05 AM

Tote bags are great for a few reasons. People won’t throw them away. They’re useful. They are green. These days many people keep all their tote bags in their car for shopping! Why not have one filled with non-perishable groceries and a gift card to Whole Foods as a give away?

Tote bags

Get creative with your free giveaways. Start planning at least 6 months before the show so you have time to come up with ideas that fit your company!

4. Formulate a plan on how you will follow up with leads.

Have a plan on how you will gather information from people who stop by your booth. Know what information you want to gather.

Know what you’re going to do to follow up before the trade show even begins. Know who will follow up, how they will follow up and when. Don’t waste your time and money. Follow up is the key to success.

5. Wear Personalized Apparel.

Make sure your staff looks professional and that they belong at your booth with personalized apparel.


Comfortable apparel is important. Have more than one shirt for everyone on staff at the show. Wear the same color pants or skirts to look cohesive and like a team.

6. Have a great booth or table.

No matter what your budget is, you must have a professional presence or people will just walk on by.


If you can only afford a table, make sure it’s covered and you have professional table top displays and/or a banner.

Use professional images on your banners. Don’t skimp on this. You can use these again and again if you do it right the first time!

7. The final secret is to have fun! Enjoy meeting new people. Large sales are made with simple, honest conversations.

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