If you have a trade show coming up, you know there are many things to get ready!

First and foremost is your staff. 85% of trade show success is because of your staff. You can have a million dollar “booth” but if your people aren’t friendly, knowledgable and dressed in nice company apparel, you will be wasting your money. The folks who stop by your booth want feel that your company is trustworthy and your people are helpful and knowledgable.

3 Simple Items That Make a Big Difference

You need to be sure that when people glance down an isle, they notice something about you that makes them want to stop.

1. Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners are great because they are relatively inexpensive, they travel easy and you can design them to pop! Use a professional graphic artist to create great imagery and color that enhance your brand. You can use multiple banners with different messages placed throughout your space. They retract into their stands so they are easy to travel with and easy to set up and take down.


2. Table Top Throws

Novices often forget that they need to cover tables with Table Top Throws. Many conventions come with some sort of table cover, but having a logo and tagline on a cloth cover makes your booth look professional and clean.


3. Trendy Give Aways

Let’s face it, people expect give aways at trade shows. Why not try something a different than a pen or memory stick?

Self care is very trendy! Help spread the message that it’s good to take care of yourself with pure, healthy items.

Essential Oil gifts are appreciated by everyone. Don’t be fooled, men like to take care of themselves too. It’s a gift that won’t get thrown out until all the contents are used up! Let them see your logo every time they use it.


Water Bottles are always wanted. The “trend” of exercising is never going away. Many people are carrying their water in their own bottles instead of buying bottled water. Why not have them carry around your logo as well?


Advantage Print Solutions will hand hold you through the entire process of getting ready for your next trade show or big event.

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