It’s time to order holiday cards and gifts. Nothing says you care more than a personalized card or gift. Here are 5 reasons to consider this for 2015.

Number 1. It’s fun!holiday-card2

With technology being so prevalent in our culture today, getting something tactile, something to actually touch is unique. It’s fun to get a personalized card or gift at work. Imagine how you will be thought of when your card or your gift is delivered and opened. People remember for a long time that you took the time and effort.

Number 2. Contrast

You want to represent quality and care to your clients. You want them to remember you! While others areholiday-card1 sending e-cards and Facebook holiday posts, you will stand out from the crowd and demonstrate the greater value you place on the relationship.

Number 3. They put you top of mind

The holidays are busy busy busy. With so much to get done, most people are laser focused and don’t give much time to anything other than the tasks at hand. A card or gift will cause your clients pause (a welcome pause) and that will make you forefront in their minds.

holiday-card3Number 4. Referrals

People love to tell others about good news. They love to hang holiday cards up. They will share a chocolate gift basket with family and friends (well, they might!) Be the company that fosters good will and you will get great referrals.

Number 5. Credibility

chocolatesTaking the time to send personalized cards and gifts shows that you are truly a professional. You are organized, you are timely and you think ahead.

We can help you get just the right card or holiday gift ready on time and on budget. Contact us now to get started.

I look forward to helping you,

Debbie Smith, Owner