Think Outside The Box

There are hundreds of thousands of promotional items to choose from.

How do you stand out from the crowd? Pens and mugs are great, they definitely imprint your brand but…

How about trying something different?

If you’re a yoga company or one that caters fitness-pants-logospecifically to women, how about putting your logo on fitness pants?

Fitness pants are comfortable, so why not have your logo tastefully placed so that when these are pulled out to be worn, your logo gives a warm and fuzzy feeling?

What an amazing gift!

Everyone gives out t-shirts or hats, but how about bibs?

They are family friendly! Have bibs in multiple colors to give to employees who have new babies.


stafium-seatHow about a stadium seat, just in time for football?

What a useful item that will never get thrown away.

Stadium seats are lightweight and can be folded to be stored and used year after year. It will get taken to events where many other people will see your logo.

You can’t go wrong with this kind of promotional item.

Speaking of families… don’t forget the toddlers!

If you have a family picnic or outing planned, a sweatshirt or t-shirt for the kids is a thoughtful (and welcomed) gift for any parent.  You would be surprised at how positive it is to have your logo running around on adorable kids.


Using promotional products to gain exposure and name recognition for your business is an effective marketing tool.

Set yourself apart from the others in your industry.

If you choose products that your target customers make use of often, you will obtain positive exposure for your business.

For more ideas see the blog about cool, geeky gifts.

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