I’m not sure why, but if you put a designer logo on a shirt, people want to wear it.

Look at Nike, Lulu Lemon, Polo, Tommy Hilfiger or any other major clothing brand. The logo shirt is a classic approach of marketing a brand and selling a business.  People wear brand names to make a subtle statement, “I’m athletic.” (Lulu Lemon, Nike) Or, “I have expensive taste.” (Polo, Tommy Hilfiger)

Whether your business is big or small, a well-made shirt, hat or other clothing item is showing off your brand and can help generate new business.

When someone sees a brand on any apparel, they know the person sporting it cares enough about who you are to wear it in public. No matter what, it will generate some interest. So when the logo on a shirt gets noticed and someone looks you up online, congratulations! You have now successfully marketed your brand.

Here are 5 ways to attract new business with customized apparel.

1. Be Relevant

If you cater to people who have the type of income to hang out at golf outings and country clubs, put your logo on polo shirts, high end jackets and button down shirts. Make sure that if your employees are wearing or using anything with your logo on it, it’s high quality. 


fitness-pants-logoIf your customers are women who love yoga, then of course put your logo on yoga clothes


2. Make the logo readable.

A big mistake many people make is not taking the time to review their customized apparel to make sure the logo is readable. You don’t want it to be too big but you want to be sure to work with a promotional specialist that will make sure you see a proof and will correct any problems with the logo before printing it on hundreds of shirts, hats and/or jackets.


3. Give personalized apparel and hats to your employees.

Don’t be stingy on this. If your employees like where they work enough to wear your logo on their apparel, you’ve done a great job. Nothing says a company is great more than employees sitting around on their own time wearing their company’s apparel.

Group of workers people.

4. Give away apparel for kids.

Everyone has kids. Free clothing or hats for kids is welcome by most any parent. Make a statement that you care about your employees’ kids and your customers’ kids.


5. Have uniform shirts, aprons, jackets and hats for employees

If the nature of your business has your employees interacting face-to-face with clients and customers on a daily basis, then having uniform shirts, hats and jackets is a great idea for your employees and for marketing.


Whether they are in offices or out in the field, or working in casual environments, having a uniformed staff looks professional and gives your company a high-end feel. No matter what your brand is, you can always ensure your staff is dressed to impress in a way that gives an advantages over competitors.

No matter what you ‘re looking for, we at Advantage Print Solutions are here to make sure you logo looks sensational where ever it is!

I look forward to helping you soon,

Debbie Smith, Owner

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