Want to stand out this Holiday season?

Consider an amazing gift for your clients this year. Something that will make them smile or say wow! Give a gift that will remind your clients that you are a quality company that cares.

Does this have to be expensive?

Not necessarily!

A small, unique gift that will get used and perhaps cause a smile can go as far as an expensive gift that may seem over the top and a waste of money.

Of course, there are some great, expensive items you can send to that client that has just made your year.

Here are a few we’ve picked out. Let us know if you want more information and/or ideas.

Snowman Tower of Treats

This charming Snowman Tower is filled with delicious gourmet treats including chocolate covered almonds, extra fancy jumbo cashews and 4 pieces of amazing English butter toffee.

After the treats have been enjoyed, the snowman makes a great holiday centerpiece. 


Our best-selling cheese package!

When they open this gift, the party will begin (and everyone will say, “Who gave us this?!) When they know it’s from your company, it will imprint a positive and generous memory. Branding doesn’t get much better than this, right?

Our elegant eco-friendly Bamboo cutting board with your imprint, of course, comes packed with all the necessary ingredients for a party at home or at work, including your choice of naturally-aged private stock medium and mild cheddar or shelf-stable mild pepper cheese and provolone that do not require refrigeration upon receipt.

Slider Tins

This innovative Slider Tin can be filled with signature peppermints, red hots, gum, candy hearts, candy stars, sugar-free peppermints, colored candy, chocolate littles and sugar-free gum.

Fun fact – this comes with a 4-color process laminated decal or a 1-color direct imprint.

Go colorful and make a lasting impression (as everyone needs mints now and then, right?) They’ll keep these around until the mints are gone, and then think, “This is a pretty cool container, I’m going to keep it.

Branding 101 – keep your name in front of your prospects and clients.

1935 Era Delivery Truck

A slot in the lid allows this 1935-Era Delivery Truck to be conveniently used as a coin bank for loose change.

Handcrafted and carefully painted, it features your logo foil-stamped in gold on both sides of the delivery truck.

For a delicious accompaniment, we include five-ounces of extra fancy jumbo cashews, chocolate covered almonds or both. Limited edition.

English Butter Toffee

Our English butter toffee is crafted in small batches from a perfect blend of freshly toasted California almonds, sweet creamery butter, and pure cane sugar.

It is covered with a generous layer of rich milk chocolate and sprinkled with crushed almonds creating a buttery, crunchy, wonderful taste sensation.

Navy Wrapped Gift Boxes

Here you will find the finest premium chocolates nestled within stylish gift boxes.

Our navy Gift of Distinction is filled with 12 mouth-watering pecan turtles, made with creamy caramel and full-flavored pecans, approximately 40 of our famous chocolate covered almonds and 11 rich and creamy melt-in-your-mouth cocoa dusted truffles. (Is your mouth watering yet?)
Nearly a pound of sweet temptation!
Your logo is foil-stamped in white on the gift box, which is complete with your choice of a decorative sleeve.

Executive Jelly Bean Dispenser

So, yes, this is an expensive gift. One that will make a huge impression on that client you appreciate and value and want to keep!

The jelly bean dispenser is a regular form of entertainment… jelly beans fall down the wooden track and come out the door at the bottom. Each gift comes with 1/2-lb Jelly Belly® jelly beans to get the fun started.

Packaged in a navy blue gift box for simplified gift-giving. Size: 11″ x 6-3/4″ x 2-5/8″. Includes a firebranded imprint on the top of the cover. 

Make an impression this year.

Whatever your budget is, I can help you use it wisely to get the perfect promotional gift(s) to your clients this holiday season.

Contact me now to get started!

I look forward to helping you.

Debbie Smith