Today, we are all aware of online fraud and security breaches online.

But what about the business checks we use every day?

You all are aware of the hologram chips on your credit cards, right?

When you need to use checks, you want to be sure they have the same security features as your credit cards!

Many businesses don’t expect they will be a victim of check fraud. But research indicates 66% of businesses experience actual or attempted payment fraud.

Why take the risk? For just pennies more per check, you can upgrade to High-Security Checks with features that deter, detect and defend your business against check fraud.

Put an extra lock on your bank account.

DETER criminals with features to prevent copying, identify when an alteration has been attempted and easily identify if a check is an original document.

DETECT fraud attempts more quickly, enabling fraudulent checks to be reported sooner thereby protecting your account.

DEFEND your credit record by demonstrating to authorities you’ve proactively reduced your risk.

Our checks are the most secure available and include:

Anti-Copy TechnologyInvisible Fluorescent Fibers
High-Security Background Colors
Micro-Printed Borders
Mobile/Remote Deposit ReminderVisible Fibers
Foil HologramToner Adhesion
Chemical-Wash Detection Area
Padlock Icon
Original Document Backer
Security Warning Box
Thermochromic InkWarning border
True WatermarkHigh-Resolution Border Elements
Chemical-Sensitive PaperColor Pantograph Background Pattern

Don’t let the biggest form of payment fraud take your business off course.

Business check fraud steals your time and your hard-earned money.

Contact us today to get you started!

I look forward to helping you,

Debbie Smith